Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bargain, amicable settlement, meeting at the middle, this is how I define commitment. Individual differences will always be a part of every relationship may it be friendship, professional or intimate one. Every man is unique! Therefore we can only understand and accept the person for who and what he is.- however, what that cliché really meant was: even if you cannot fully comprehend a person it pays to just do not care about him or her nor the things he/she does or say. You just have to accept as it is. Acceptance entails nothing but being caring or not giving much for it. Love, like life had so many odds inside it. The only person who could define and label its status would be the persons who were involved in that kind of relationship. The bond entails exchange of ideas, feelings and of course showing their true colors. People will always have their ways of pushing ones limit to its nerves until it may make it shine nor destroy the person. Wheeew, relationship! Well, what can we do with that when all of us are social beings.

My point is, Compromise. To keep the fire burning, to keep the smiles , to keep the enthusiasm, the passion to communicate with people, compromise is the word that makes it work! It is defined in my own point of view as the term we use to get things done on a thing, person or circumstance that we cannot easily give up but hardly make it done. Compromise! The thing that shall motivate every soul to make it to the roads of forever. They told me, FOREVER does not exist, Well I say, as long as there are people who could testify , it shall be existing, Well who am i to know that?!.. Simple..I have the hopes, and it is relative on how you define it! Make it come true by your definition and of course it will always depend on your own perspective! Live life! Drive your own car. Decide mindfully! Now. Here comes my compromise...let me just sing it then... COMPROMISE!


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